Walk of Hope 2018

Team FUN for Everyone!
Team FUN for Everyone!

G.E.M.S. 2018

 “Shine Bright like a Diamond” ~ Rihanna ~

Team G.E.M.S. (Go East Mountain School) is motivated to:

·        Assist Carrier Clinic in raising awareness for mental health

·        Assist in fostering pride about EMS


·        Assist Carrier Clinic, the largest private, not-for-profit behavioral healthcare center in New Jersey, to raise funds

·        Assist EMS in showing our own solidarity

·        Have a little fun!

 “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him.” ~Gandhi ~


Therefore, YOU ARE East Mountain School & are a direct reflection of its Reputation

You ARE a gem and now it is time to shine like one!

Please click the link below to sign up and register for our team!


It is Simple & Free!

 All you need to do is register for the G.E.M.S. team this year and promote us on any social media of your choice. It’s an easy way to affirm our image as a School, as a Team and as a valued entity of Carrier Clinic.

~G.E.M.S. (Go East Mountain School) Team Page~


 ~ Mr. Booth’s Page ~


  ~ Make Your Own Page ~



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If you are a member of this team and would like to customize this page with a special message or team photo, please contact us and we can designate you as the team captain.

I hope you will join us and become a member of our team and start raising funds in support of the important work that Carrier Clinic does every day.  By joining our team you help to give hope to people being treated for psychiatric, emotional, behavioral, and addictive disorders...and you help to put an end to the stigma associated with mental illness.

As a team member, you can even invite your friends and family to view your own personal fundraising page and to read your personal story.  Your family and friends can support your efforts in this great cause by making a donation directly through your page or they can join the team too. To join the team and set up your online site, just follow these simple steps.

If you already have a fundraising page for this event, simply go to your participation center and click on  "Change Team Status" and then follow the prompts.

If you don't have a fundraising personal page, go to the home page and click the button that says "Join a Team".  You will be prompted to register first for your own page.

Once you have registered and joined our team, send emails to your family & friends and let them know the good work you are doing.

We are happy to have you as part of our team! 

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